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 How GOT Safelist Works

What our members are saying...
"I got a FREE membership at GOT Safelist and was pleasantly surprised with all the different features and tools I was able to use to advertise my business. There were very few limitations, which is something that I can never say for other safelists I've joined in the past. The support staff was very profesional and I didn't have to wait a week just for an email reply"
- Daniel Holestrom

How GOT Safelist Works

Why JOIN GOTSafelist?

We are inspired by our members that's why we've created easy-to-use features that will make your advertising very simple! Let's face it. There are hundreds or even thousands of safelists out there. Why would you consider us? It's because we understand the true value of advertising, customer service, and the importance of a community. That is why we have our own little community within GOTSafelist that we want YOU to be a part of. Our community is built on trust and our ability to have our own monetary credit system. It is a proven fact that credit based safelists are more responsive and the lists are always cleaner which keeps response rates higher. So we said, why not make our credits different and give them a monetary value.

What is a GOTCredits?

A GOTCredit is the means where you can take part in our little community. Having GOTCredits allows you to advertise to the safelist, exchange them for banner impressions, or trade them in for CASH! The key that drives the success of our system begins with the versatility of our credits:

Credits for cash exchange - This is by far our most popular feature. Unlike any other credit based safelist, our credits can be converted back into real money. This is why our credit based system can also be considered as the monetary credit system.

Send out ads and traffic exchange - Exchange your credits for the tools of your choice to advertise any business opportunity.

Banner Exchange - Our credit-based banner exchange will rotate your banner along with other members' banners in the space provided in the top right corner of our site, this includes hotlinks! Each time your banner is shown, 1 credit will be deducted.

GOTAuction - Use your credits to purchase paid memberships to other programs using the GOTSafelist Team Exchange. Coming soon..

Ways to earn GOTCredits

1. Upgrade or Purchase - There are 3 PRO membership packages, Bronze, Silver and Gold that you can choose from! For those members that are focused primarily on credits, there is also an option of purchasing just credits alone.

2. PRO Membership Loyalty Program – Our Loyalty Program is designed to reward our continous long-term PRO members. With our Loyalty program, PRO membership monthly credits will ACCUMULATIVELY increase by up to 15,000 every month, limited to 12 months.
Example as a GOLD Member:
1st month receives - 165,000 Credits
2nd month receives - 180,000 Credits
3rd month receives - 195,000 Credits

13th month receives - 330,000 Credits

3. Click for Credits – Every time you click on a credit Hotlink found in the Safelist emails indox you will earn credits. Now you can also click for extra credits from our ONLINE Safelist Ads area.

4. Referral Contest – Our GOTSafelist community thrives on members and your contribution is greatly rewarded. Each referral you make to GOTSafelist is 10,000 credits added to your account but you have an opportunity to earn up to 50,000 credits when you refer a PRO member! Plus, to make things more interesting, there will be a Referral Contest and winners of each month can win up to 70,000 GOTCredits!

5. GOT 2 Be Active Rewards Program – This unique system is our way of thanking our members and promoting participation within the GOTSafelist community. The way that our system works is that it will track member activity regularly during the month and reward members up to 1,000 credits just for staying active.

6. GOTActive Referral Rewards Program – This program is a mixture of our referral contest and the GOT 2 Be Active Rewards Program. Members that are referring will not only receive credits for their referrals but they will also earn credits for being active. As an added bonus, if BOTH you and your referral stay active, you will continue to receive up to 500 credits week after week just for participating!

Other Benefits & Services

1. Click for CASH - To click for cash simply click on the Hotlinks at the bottom of each email. Each time you click your cash balance will increase which means you can use it to splurge on any of our advertising packages or request for a payout.

2. FREE Software & Marketing Resources - We have downloadable software and marketing resources for all of our members. We are dedicated to helping our members become successful marketers no matter what business you are in.

3. FREE Web Based Marketing Tools – As a continous process of offering more and more benefits to our members. We are always setting up great marketing tools that our members can access directly in their GOTSafelist backoffice. Check out our Marketing Tools/Software area to take advantage of these great tools... 24/7!

GOT Safelist FREE Membership Features

FREE Membership
Top Notch Credit Based Safelist System...
Receive 10,000 GOTCredits when you open a FREE account
Earn 2,500 GOTCredits for each FREE member you refer
Earn up to 10,000 GOTCredits for each PRO member you refer
Collect residual GOTCredits for being active PLUS for your referrals staying active
Ability to turn your GOTCredits into REAL CASH
Receive REAL CASH for click links
Send Your Ads to THOUSANDS of Readers DAILY...
Email your ad to our double opt-in list
Email your ad to 4,000 readers DAILY
Send text emails up to 5,000 characters in length
You can save and manage up to 3 ads to our system
Complete vacation settings options
FREE Quality Traffic & Banner advertising...
Earn FREE traffic to your site everytime you send out ads to our safelist
Earn FREE traffic to your site everytime you post ads to our ONLINE safelist ads system
Readers are required to view our site for seconds, increase qualify traffic
Receive FREE Thumbnail views of your website everytime readers view your ad and click for credits
Post your banner ads on designated areas of our website for FREE
Receive GOTCredits and FREE Banner impressions for click links
Other Great FREE benefits...
Opportunity to WIN GOTCredits from our monthly Hotlinks contest and Referral contest
Opportunity to WIN GOTCredits from our bi-weekly Lottery drawing
Opportunity to WIN our credits, banner or CASH jackpots when clicking for credits
Update your account 24/7
Much more ...


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GOTSafelist Quick Stats
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"I've been doing online marketing for over 6 months and needless to say that I've spent a lot of money and very little success. When I heard about GOTSafelist from a colleague I signed up for an account. I mean it was free so I had nothing to loose. Out of the dozen of safelists I had already joined I have to admit this one by far had the most professional support staff I have ever ran into. They helped me with all my questions and even helped me with my HTML ad. This one is a keeper for me! Where else can you find a more reliable safelist ..."
(Lex Warner - California)

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